In a constantly changing environment, Sacem is committed to creating ever more value for the more than 196,000 authors, composers and publishers who have chosen it to manage their copyright.

Thanks to its territorial coverage, its technological expertise, its ability to negotiate agreements with all broadcasters and digital platforms, and its unique social and solidarity-based model, it has become one of the world's leading collective management organisations world leaders in collective management.
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It collects royalties in nearly 200 territories on behalf of the 200 territories on behalf of some fifty or so international publishers (Universal Music Publishing, Warner Chappell, Wixen Music Publishing, etc.) and foreign copyright management companies (Socan, Komca, Ascap, Artisjus, etc.).

Our missions

Collecting and distributing
royalties for authors, composers and music publishers
author’s rights and negotiating best value for creation
social protection, cultural support and high value-added services
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